The Dumpster Renters Co.

Your local Dumpster Rental company

If you need to rent dumpster or simply want some junk collected by a highly professional and reliable team, call us. The Dumpster Renters are dedicated to delivering the best customer experience. We think of our selves as customer service company first, dumpster rental company second.

How It Started…

From the very start, customer service has been the priority throughout company.  Owner and Founder Liam Coen started with a pickup truck.  A friend who was a Real Estate agent in Wellesley MA needed a bunch of junk removed quickly.  No other company would answer the call.  “It was 2002 and was recently laid off, I had small truck and thought, hey, I can do that.” Something very important was missing from the dumpster rental industry, a company that would deliver a quality customer experience.

The Dumpster Renters Co. has a philosophy WOW customers with service. Enabling the company to live towards its mission to be the local leader in the industry. It just happens to be renting dumpsters.