Where is the Franklin Recycling Center?

Some hazardous items can not go into your dumpster rental.

The Franklin Recycling Center, located at 445 Beaver Street Franklin, MA, may be of help in recycling these items.

You must have valid sticker to use the facility.

Hourse of Operation:
Tuesday 12-3 (April through November only)
Friday & Saturday 8-3
Sunday 9-1
Please remember that cash is not accepted at the recycling center; payments may be made by check, credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover).

Franklin Recycling Centers, helpful tips?

The Franklin Recycling center is a great resource for recycling household items that can not go into the dumpster or have a surcharge. When placed into our dumpster items such as TV’s, Mattress and Box springs have a surcharge of $35. At the transfer station those same items range from $10 to $25. The recycling center also has drop off area for oil based paints, stains and solvents. Franklin residents must have valid recycling sticker to use the transfer station located at 445 Beaver Street, Franklin, MA

What happens to the junk and debris in my dumpster?

All debris is recycled at permited transfer station. We use different facilities for different types of debris. some gently used items are brought back to our garage, unloaded and donated to Big Brother Big Sister. Please let us know if you have any household items that you would like donated.

Are there any other fees or surcharges?

There are surcharges on Waste Ban Items and they include:

TV’s / CRT’s $35
Mattress/boxspring $35
Freon items $35
Tires $10
Propane tanks $10

Any weight over the allocated weight is billed at $99 per ton prorated to the pound.

Do I have to be home for the dumpster delivery?

No one needs to be home for delivery or pickup. As long as we know where the property you would like. It sometimes help to mark the area you would like the dumpster with barrel or use chalk.

What can I put in the dumpster?

There are restrictions for what can be loaded into the dumpster. Some items can not go in the dumpster and they include; wet paints, oil/gas/asbestos or anything hazardous. Yard waste can not be mixed with other types of debris.

A dumpster for cleaning out your house should only contain household junk, construction debris, and other trash debris. No yard waste,dirt, concrete, asphalt or bricks should go into the dumpster.  There are also surcharges on MA waste ban items.


How long can I keep the dumpster

The allocated rental period depends on what size dumpster you rented.

10 yard dumpster rental includes up to one week free rental.
15 yard dumpster rental includes up to two weeks free rental.
20 yard dumpster rental includes up to two weeks free rental

After the allocated rental period a fee of $5 per day is assessed. We are flexible with are rental periods when we have inventory available. Please contact the office for more details on your particular situation.